Diversification of spray fittings

Our spray fittings can be used in many areas and have many functions. In the coming summer, they are more commonly used.

Spray system applications are mainly humidification, cooling, dust removal, deodorization, landscape, disinfection, cleaning, etc. Due to the wide application field of spray system, according to the experience of fluid mechanics, water jet technology, spray technology and mechanical design, automatic spray system can be realized.

Humidification is mainly used in textile mills, cotton warehouses, park greenhouses, laboratories, flour processing plants and other air to increase humidity.

Dust removal is mainly to remove dust and particles in the air, mainly used in farms, mines and other pollution control.

Spray dust removal refers to the dust removal technology of spraying water mist with a sprayer to capture the suspended dust in the air and make it settle. It is to spray water mist to the source of dust, and cover the dust in the air with fine water mist, so that the dust particles are moist and heavier, and come down from the airflow to achieve the effect of reducing dust. Like many mines will produce a lot of dust, the effect of dust removal in other ways may be so good, at this time, you can use the method of spray dust removal to reduce dust in the air.

Spray cooling is mainly used when the outdoor temperature is relatively high and people will spend several hours or more in hot and stuffy places, such as swimming pools, open-air squares, sports venues and so on. In these large outdoor Spaces, air conditioning is not available, so the spray is used to cool down.

These can locally control the temperature of the environment. The water particles sprayed into the air must absorb a lot of heat in the surrounding environment in the process of gasification, so as to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment. It is an effective means to prevent heat and cool down. With enough spray, the air temperature can drop into the twenties, so even on a hot summer day, it doesn’t feel particularly hot outside.

The spray cooling effect is greatly affected by air humidity. The higher the relative humidity is, the worse the spray cooling effect is. Therefore, spray cooling has poor indoor effect, especially for poorly ventilated indoor spray cooling.

Spray disinfection is mainly the use of advanced atomization technology, the disinfectant atomized into very fine particles of mist, it will be sprayed to the need for disinfection of the space, to kill bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in the air effect. It is widely used for air disinfection and deodorization in various public places such as medical treatment, food, quarantine, epidemic prevention and scientific experiment, bus, supermarket and waiting room.

In agriculture, it is mainly used in family farms, mushroom farms, circus, aviary, dog house, feed farm, etc., so that the growth environment of all kinds of poultry becomes better.

All in all, there are so many uses for sprays that let’s hope to see more.

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