Ceramic nozzle with vortex filter tube

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1. The filter tube is designed in the nozzle to ensure that foreign matters and scale are not easy to block the nozzle.

2. The filter tube adopts vortex device, which can stir the foreign matter or scale by itself to make it cut into small particles and pass through the filter screen to ensure that the filter tube is clean.

3. Special filter tube design, super wide surface area, even if the surface area of filter tube is blocked by 90%, it can generate spray through enough water.

4. The screw teeth of the filter tube are locked into the nozzle body, which can be cleaned and replaced easily and firmly.

5. SUS316 stainless steel mesh with excellent durability.

6. Ceramic spray nozzle grinding precision processing, round diameter standard.

7. The material of the spray piece is ceramic, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, extending the service life.

8. The precision internal structure can make the spray uniform, the particle size micro atomization and the fog shape beautiful.




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