Slip Lok 2- Nozzle Union 120/180 Degree 10/24 Thread

Slip Lok 2- Nozzle Union 180 Degree 10/24 Thread

Misting cooling system fitting ,Spray Misting Fittings

Unique design Top quality slip lock fittings

High pressure 2700 PSI without leak

Easily removed, replaced, re-installed without wrench

Model: MPUC-DH Categories:


Name : Slip Lok 2- Nozzle Union 180 Degree 10/24 Thread
1.It is suitable for 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ of stainless steel pipe .HDPE pipe ,Nylon tube.
2.It is easy to use can be reused .
3.Advanced CNC Iathe machine products .size precision, quanlity and stability .
4.Quality stability ,do not come off and drop.
5.Thread type: -10-24nuc.
6.Body material: H59 copper .
7.The surface of nickel plating.
8.The maximum working pressure : 2610PSI / 180BAR
9.Working temperature: -20–120℃
10: Working medium: Water 
Item No. Tube (inch)
MPUC-DH 1/4 1/4″
MPUC-DH 3/8 3/8″
MPUC-DH 1/2 1/2

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