Speed Controller Nickel Plated Brass Push in Fittings

Nickel-plated brass

Speed Controller Nickel Plated Brass Push in Fittings


The Nickle Plated Brass Push in Fittings are used in Pneumatic piping
and come in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping.
 Even after installation,the direction of the tube can be changed freely.
Nickle-Plated Metal body ensures Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Contamination.
 All R and NPT threads are coated with sealant.
 All cylindrical threads are equipped with standard O-ring seals .
Body : nickel-plated brass;
Sleeve:  nickel-plated brass;
O-Ring: NBR;
Thread seal: PTFE – NBR .or VITON


1/8–U01 1/4-N02 04-M5 8-03 16-03 04-G01 10-G02
1/8–N01 1/4-N03 04-M6 8-04 16-04 04-G02 10-G03
1/8–N02 5/16-N01 04-01 10-01 04-G03 10-G04
5/32–U10 5/16–N02 04-02 10-02 06-G01 12-G02
5/32–N01 5/16–N03 04-03 10-03 06-G02 12-G03
5/32–N02 3/8-N01 06-M5 10-04 06-G03 12-G04
3/16-U10 3/8-N02 06-M6 12-01 06-G04 14-G02
3/16-N01 3/8-N03 06-01 12-02 08-G01 14-G03
3/16–N02 3/8-N04 06-02 12-03 08-G02 14-G04
3/16–N03 1/2-N02 06-03 12-04 08-G03 16-G03
1/4-U10 1/2-N03 8-01 14-03 08-G04 16-G04
1/4-N01 1/2-N04 8-02 14-04 10-G01


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