The vaccination has entered an “accelerated run”

BEIJING, June 21 (Xinhua) — China has vaccinated more than 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine as of Tuesday, the National Health Commission (NHC) said Wednesday, marking the country’s largest vaccination campaign and of great significance. Everyone is amazed at the speed of China.


“Vaccine research and development units do not count costs, not economic benefits, but people’s health,” the State Council said in a statement. This is probably the legendary saturation type of scientific research! Here is a popular science vaccine for you.


A virus is a DNA/RNA with a protein shell. The body produces antibodies when it encounters a virus and remembers what it looks like. After the disease recovered, the next time to meet the virus can recognize it, ah you again? It then produces antibodies to kill it.


Vaccines are specially engineered viruses that do not cause disease when injected into the body, but teach the immune system to recognize the virus. Next time we see a real virus, hey, where have we met before? It then produces antibodies to kill it.


According to different treatment methods, vaccines can be divided into the following five types: inactivated vaccine, live attenuated vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, nucleic acid vaccine, and recombinant viral carrier vaccine.


(1) Inactivated vaccine, which kills the virus directly and then throws the body to the immune system for recognition. This is the most classic type of vaccine. The advantage is that the virus is safe and mature. The disadvantage is that the virus is dead after all, causing insufficient immunity.


(2) live attenuated vaccine, generally let the virus pass many times, mutate, and then screen out the weak pathogenic virus, made of vaccine to the immune system practice. The virus was still alive when it entered the body, so the vaccine stimulates a full immune response, but it carries a small risk.


(3) Recombinant protein vaccines, which take part of the virus and let the immune system recognize it. It has the advantage of being safe. It’s a thorn, after all. The downside is that it may be ignored by the immune system.


(4) Nucleic acid vaccine is more interesting, we directly put the S protein corresponding to the DNA/mRNA into the human body, let it express the virus S protein in the cell, and then let the cell recognize.


(5) Recombination virus vector vaccine, which transplants some genes of pathogenic virus A into non-pathogenic weak chicken virus B to form A new virus C.


Unlike drugs, vaccines are intended for healthy people, making them more difficult to develop.


Professor Isra Mohamed, Director of the Confucius Institute at Ain Shams University in Egypt and Director of the One Belt And One Road Research Center, said the production and inoculation speed of the Chinese Novel Coronavirus vaccine has caught the world’s attention. China has achieved satisfactory results with COVID-19 vaccination, demonstrating the country’s capacity in vaccine production, supply and social mobilization.


China’s Novel Coronavirus vaccine has surpassed 1 billion doses, AFP reported Wednesday. To promote vaccination, some provinces have introduced various incentive schemes to encourage people to get vaccinated as early as possible.


The website of Russia’s Echo Moskva radio station reported that China promoted the Novel Coronavirus vaccine vaccination, saying that China’s industrial production scale of the vaccine is unmatched by other countries. The vaccination speed of COVID-19 vaccine in China has improved rapidly, and the developed COVID-19 vaccine has a good immune protection effect.

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