How to Install Brass Misting Nozzles

Installation of atomizing nozzle seems simple, but if you do not pay attention to the small details of installation, it will also affect the atomization effect and service life of atomizing nozzle. What details should we pay attention to when installing the atomizer? The following Essence Machinery for you to introduce the installation of atomizing nozzle must pay attention to the ten details.

  1. The atomizing nozzle should be installed after the pressure test and flushing of the system are qualified;
  2. When the spray nozzle splash plate is higher than the ventral surface of the ventilation pipe or beam bottom with the width less than 1.2m, the vertical distance between the spray nozzle splash plate and the ventral surface of the ventilation pipe shall comply with the relevant standards;
  3. When installing the atomizing nozzle, it is suitable to use the corresponding special elbow and tee;
  4. Install atomizing nozzles which are easy to be damaged by machinery. Atomizing nozzle cover should be added for spray work.
  5. When the atomizer is installed near the partition not to the top, the horizontal distance and minimum vertical distance between the atomizer and the partition shall be subject to the relevant standards
  6. When the nominal diameter of the atomizing nozzle is less than 10 mm, a filter needs to be installed on the water distribution pipe or the main water distribution pipe;
  7. When installing atomizing nozzle, the distance between splash tray and ceiling, door, window or wall should meet the design requirements;
  8. When installing the atomizing nozzle, it is not allowed to disassemble, modify the atomizing nozzle, and spray any decorative coating on the atomizing nozzle;
  9. When the width of the ventilation duct is greater than 1.2m, the atomizer should be installed below the ventral surface of the ventilation duct;
  10. The special wrench should be used to install the atomizing nozzle, and the frame of the atomizing nozzle should not be used for screwing; because the frame and splash pan of the atomizing nozzle will deform and cause damage to the release element, the atomizing nozzle with the same specification and model should be used for replacement;

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