Misting/Fogging system parts

High pressure misting/fogging fittings, also name slip lock fittings. Its working way is when you push nylon pipe in, it locks and no water leak. The higher the pressure is, the tighter the fittings lock.  
Our advantage of high pressure misting fittings:
a. Tube easily push in and pull out even after high pressure use. Removed, replaced and re-installed is very convenient.
b. The pressure can up to around 200 bars(2900PSI) since our dimensions designed is accurately and matched reasonably, also we use better copper and the locking claws is thick enough.  
c.Double rings, double assurance to avoid leak.
d. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, complete sizes.
e. Union, Tee , Elbow, Reducers, end plugs are all available.
f. Application: Irrigation for greenhouse,Increase humidity ,Dust Suppression, Outdoor Cooling Solutions, Mosquit & Flies removing

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