Hydro-pneumatic sealing technology

At present, in the process of continuous social and economic development and improvement, many high-tech technologies have emerged, promoting the development and progress of mechanical automation related fields. Related technologies are also constantly developing, and automation technology is also in the research and production of mechanical equipment It is cited in this article, which greatly promotes the improvement of the development level of automation technology. In addition, in the process of continuous advancement of the development of automated production lines, the disciplines related to pneumatic and hydraulic technology have been derived, and the development speed is becoming more and more rapid, and they have been widely used in the production process of related enterprises. Among them, sealing technology is a core technology that needs to be used in the development of hydraulic and pneumatic technology. Sealing technology has a decisive effect on hydraulic and pneumatic technology. The application of sealing technology in hydropneumatics can effectively alleviate the leakage problems of pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders and other components, provide great safety guarantee for the operation of mechanical equipment, and also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corresponding products. It is also a manifestation of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and promotes the harmonious development of man and nature.

At present, due to the continuous development and improvement of hydropneumatic sealing technology, the development of many types of industrial production has been greatly improved, and corresponding products have been put on the market, and the requirements for their environmental use are also extremely Strict, the corresponding level of hydraulic and pneumatic sealing technology has been greatly improved. For example, in the process of automobile production and research, the general pursuit of miniaturized engines, while ensuring that the engine has extremely high speed and efficiency, causes the automobile engine to produce higher temperatures during operation, and the engine Normal operation requires a lot of new energy and various lubricating oils, as well as some additives, some of which are extremely corrosive. Therefore, higher requirements on hydraulic and pneumatic technology need to be put forward, and corresponding sealing technology also needs to be strictly Improvements and improvements. At present, my country pays more and more attention to offshore oil extraction technology and desert oil extraction technology, and puts it into practical application. In the process of crude oil exploration, it is necessary to conduct operations in extremely deep places below the surface, and correspondingly carry out exploration work in deeper locations. The higher it is. In addition, petroleum, as an energy raw material, has more complex chemical components, including some strong alkalis and strong acids. These are extremely corrosive chemical components. These factors are fully considered when applying hydro-pneumatic sealing technology. In addition, in the process of metal smelting, due to the extremely high speed of related mechanical equipment, there are more stringent requirements for sealing performance. In terms of the current trend of continuous development of hydraulic and pneumatic technology, it is necessary to ensure the continuous improvement of the corresponding technical level, and there are also higher requirements for its accuracy. Therefore, the sealing performance of the hydro-pneumatic device must be guaranteed, and the friction force must be highly stable during the operation of the corresponding device. Correspondingly, the sealing must be ensured during the low-speed operation of the device in a low-pressure environment. The friction coefficient of the device is low, thus ensuring that it can always run smoothly under such operating conditions. In addition, the service life of the sealing device during high-speed operation must be guaranteed. In the mechanical production process, under the influence of some factors, it has a great negative effect on the sealing system, so the relevant technical personnel must attach great importance to the hydro-pneumatic sealing technology, and continue to research and improve to ensure the stability of the sealing system Sexual development.

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