Xiamen Industry Exposition in 2021

Xiamen Industry Exposition (XMIE) is the largest and most influential brand exhibition in the industrial field across the Taiwan Straits. It is jointly organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, China Machinery Industry Federation, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association, and Xiamen Center for Promotion of Taiwan Cooperation. Each Xiamen Industry Fair (Taiwan Fair) attracts thousands of enterprises to participate in the exhibition. More than 400 journalists from more than 70 media attended and interviewed the event, and a total of 8,000 reports were issued. With its own trading platform value and industry influence, the conference focuses on expanding market channels for enterprises and building a bridge for economic and trade cooperation between enterprises.

The last Xiamen Industry Exposition covers a total area of 90,000 square meters, with 1200 exhibitors from the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and so on, with a total number of 50,000 participants. The exhibition consists of nine professional exhibition areas: Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition, Mold & Material Exhibition, Rubber & Plastic Industry Exhibition, Machine Tool & Laser Equipment Exhibition, Xiamen International Water Exhibition, Taiwan Exhibition, Printing & Packaging & Advertising Exhibition, Environmental Protection & Fluid Machinery Exhibition, Rail Transportation & Intelligent Logistics Exhibition.

The four-day Xiamen Industry Exposition 2021 and the 25th Cross-Strait Machinery and Electronic Commodities Fair (Xiamen Industry Exposition for short) has successfully concluded, attracting more than 58,000 person-times, and about RMB485 million of transactions and intended orders, fully demonstrating the effectiveness of the exhibition.

The exhibition scale of this year’s expo was further expanded, with an exhibition area of 70,000 square meters, a year-on-year increase of nearly 30%. More than 650 exhibitors were attracted, up 25% year on year. Participants also developed to 27 countries and regions. During the exhibition, 83 guests exchanged and shared in various forum activities, more than 30,000 professional visitors were present, and more than 90% of exhibitors received contract orders or intention orders.

“This year’s exhibition we displayed three internationally advanced five-axis high-speed CNC machine tools, as well as a series of application technology products, has been highly concerned and recognized in the industry, four companies during the exhibition and we signed a total of 7 sets of more than 9 million yuan of contract.” In recent years, Xiamen’s high-end manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, driving strong demand for machine tools and equipment, said Xu Chunfeng, head of the CIF Xiamen Expo site of Beijing Jingdiao Technology Group Co Ltd. From January to May, the sales volume of Beijing fine carving group in xiamen area reached more than 30 million yuan, which increased significantly compared with the same period last year.

Our company also took part in the Xiamen Industry Expo in 2021, and our products were well received by many customers.We are the Tip Top manufacturer for pneumatic fittings, nickel-plated brass push in fittings, stainless steel push in fittings and plastic fittings etc. If you need the fittings, please feel free to contact us whenever you need.

Xiamen Industry Exposition always adheres to internationalization, specialization and marketization, and builds a high-end intelligent manufacturing display platform integrating “brand display — technical exchange — on-site customization”. We will display the latest manufacturing equipment and cutting-edge technologies, release the latest industrial information, and hold a series of activities such as the Cross-Straits Economic and Trade Forum, so as to set up a stage for closer cross-Straits industrial cooperation.

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