The role of spray system in edible fungi

High pressure spray system refers to the system in which the high-pressure spray main engine is used to transport the water that has been accurately filtered to the special high-pressure pipe network for fog making, and finally reaches the special nozzle for fog making and ejects it into fog. High pressure spray system is mainly used in cooling, humidification, plant protection and landscape in facility agriculture. Among them, the high pressure spray system is combined with other cooling methods to achieve the best cooling effect according to various factors such as regional climate conditions, system investment, late maintenance cost, operation cost, cooling effect and the influence on greenhouse humidity. Take edible fungus as an example below to tell specifically.

The greenhouse is a semi-closed system, and the high temperature can reach more than 40℃ in summer, which seriously restricts the growth and development of crops in the greenhouse. Therefore, the high pressure spray system can be used to cool the greenhouse quickly and effectively, especially the greenhouse with good ventilation and low relative humidity. Supplemented by other cooling methods (such as sunshade net and ventilation), the cooling effect is better, and the temperature can be lowered by 3~8℃.

The cultivation of edible fungi has high requirements for humidity. The normal indoor humidity generally cannot meet the needs of the normal growth of edible fungi. Therefore, artificial humidification is generally needed for edible fungi. Second, watering is not uniform, resulting in uneven growth of edible fungi, some more than water can not grow normally. Now there is a new type of micro fog humidifier on the market, it is high pressure spray humidifier. The appearance of spray humidifier makes edible fungus cultivation mechanized. Spray humidification to promote the growth of edible fungi can promote the growth of edible fungi, inhibit or kill harmful miscellaneous bacteria, promote the stable and high yield of edible fungi.

In recent years, the market of edible fungi is expanding, and more and more consumers tend to buy green food. Edible fungi, which is very important for health, are welcomed by the domestic and foreign markets. The price of edible fungi such as hericium edodes, lentinus edodes, pleurotus eryngii, chaedodes, lentinus edodes, yellow umbrella, pleurotus edodes, red pleurotus edodes, lentinus edodes, sausenus edodes, abalone edodes, tricholoma edodes, pleurotus eryngii, white fungus, black fungus, black fungus, black fungus, black fungus, black fungus, black fungus, black fungus, black fungus, white fungus, white fungus and so on is also increasing.

Artificial cultivation of edible fungi is undergoing large-scale development. However, the cultivation of edible fungi cannot be separated from the requirements of high humidity in the environment. Edible fungus humidifier also arises at the right moment in the market demand. More and more new technologies are being applied in the humidification of edible fungi.

Edible fungus growing conditions: temperature, humidity, illumination, ventilation, which is the humidity, but at the request of the hair fungus mycelium during the humidity is far from the stage of mushroom is so high, usually need to 60-70% relative humidity can meet the requirements, the relative humidity in most places it is very easy to achieve, therefore, hypha phase humidity management is easy to ignore.

The function of high pressure micromist humidifier for edible fungi installed in mushroom room is as follows:

1、There is a high pressure micro fog humidity automatic control system, according to the different growth stage of mushroom, very suitable temperature set. It can increase production and yield.

2、Very fine fog drops, do not wet the mushroom surface, let the mushroom free to breathe, reduce black spots and other bacterial diseases, prevent rotten mushrooms.

3、Often maintain a certain air relative humidity in the mushroom field or mushroom room, can prevent excessive evaporation of the water of the culture material or fruiting body, by supplementing the water needed for the growth of edible fungi, so that it can grow normally.

4、The use of air as power, water atomization at the same time into the shed into fresh air, to ensure the air circulation in the shed.

5、It can promote the growth of edible fungi, inhibit or kill harmful bacteria, and ensure the stable and high yield of edible fungi.

The spray fittings, nozzles and tubes produced by our company can be well used in this respect. We can calculate the required quantity according to your specific data to achieve the most ideal effect and give specific plans.


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