Exhibition participation in 2021

In April this year, Ningbo EssenceMachinery company participated in Chengdu International Industrial Exposition and the 22nd Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition respectively.

Among them, Chengdu International Industrial Expo, based on the high position of industry, focuses on China’s intelligent manufacturing. Through the exhibition of automation, machine vision and industrial robot technology, new generation information technology and digital chemical plant solutions, metal processing and laser manufacturing technology, energy saving and industrial supporting, new materials and other new technologies and solutions of the whole industry, Chengdu International Industrial Expo will focus on China’s intelligent manufacturing, Present the innovative technology and products in the intelligent industry chain.

In Hanover Industrial Expo, known as “barometer of world industrial development”, the ideas and visions of digital industry and intelligent manufacturing are becoming more and more practical applications. In 2019, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and the fifth generation mobile communication technology (5g) will attract attention.

Thanks to the practical application of a series of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5g and edge computing, the industry is steadily moving towards large-scale flexible production, whole process transparent production, distributed production and intelligent automatic production. From product design and manufacturing to transportation and service, the global industrial chain will be reshaped. Chengdu International Industrial Expo was born from this.

Chengdu International Industrial Expo’s six sub exhibitions: CNC machine tools and metal processing exhibition, energy saving and industrial supporting exhibition, new materials exhibition, industrial automation exhibition, robot exhibition, information technology exhibition, more than 600 exhibitors, six professional theme exhibitions, 50000 square meters exhibition area, attracting more than 40000 professional visitors, presenting innovative technologies and products in the intelligent industrial chain.

Founded in 2000, Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition, referred to as Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, has successfully held 22 sessions in 2021 after 20 years of development. As the first member of the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) in South China and the first batch of certification exhibitions of BPA international media certification agency in China, Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition has gathered many world-class enterprises and become a high-end international platform for purchasing, communication and exhibition of China’s manufacturing industry. The exhibits have formed a whole machinery manufacturing industry chain structure from equipment, tools, technology to processing, products and factory production automation system.

In addition, the exhibition to be attended by Ningbo EssenceMachinery company is arranged as follows:
It will participate in the 4-day Xiamen Industrial Expo on June 8, 2021. The exhibition is specially authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China, and is supported by the Ministry of science and technology of the people’s Republic of China, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people’s Republic of China, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the import and export office of mechanical and electrical products of the people’s Republic of Fujian Province.

Jointly sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, Taiwan machinery and electronics industry association and Xiamen Municipal People’s government. Well organized by the two sides of the Straits, all kinds of famous and excellent products representing the highest level of China’s mechanical and electrical products in the new century gather together. We should take manufacturers as the main participants, shorten the channels of trade and circulation, and save precious time and money. Professional seminars will be held to let you listen to the opinions of relevant authorities and experts in the mechanical and electrical industry.

It will participate in Yiwu International Expo in October 2021, booth No. b40.
You are welcome to visit and guide.

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