Vaccination runs out of “China speed”

As of May 23, 2021, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps have reported 510.858 million doses of new coronavirus vaccine.

China is speeding up to build a solid immune barrier. From 100 million dose times to 500 million dose times, the time required for each additional 100 million dose times was shortened from 25 days to 16 days, from 9 days to 7 days.

All over the country, the free vaccination of new crown vaccine is being carried out effectively and orderly. Since Anhui, Liaoning and Guangdong have seen new cases of local confirmed cases, the national new crown vaccination has ushered in a “peak”. Since May 13, the national single day vaccination volume has set a new record five times in eight days“ China’s vaccine supply is sufficient, the release of production capacity is gradually accelerating, and the vaccination potential is constantly releasing. ” Shao Yiming, a researcher of China Center for Disease Control and prevention and a member of the expert group on vaccine research and development of the scientific research group of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhuanet: “China’s vaccination capacity has exceeded 15 million doses per day, which is the highest in the world. It can also be increased to 20 million doses per day. ”

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 166346635 cases worldwide, and 3449117 cases died in May 23rd, according to the latest real-time statistics from WHO. With explosive growth in many countries, Asia has become a new hot spot and disaster area of international epidemic. The Indian mutant virus was detected in some cities of China, which increased the import pressure of external defense. The prevention and control of the epidemic is long-term, complex and uncertain. Vaccination can not be hesitant to build a domestic immune barrier. At present, five vaccines in China have been approved for conditional marketing or emergency use, including three inactivated vaccines, one adenovirus vector vaccine and one recombinant protein vaccine.

“New coronavirus vaccination technical guidelines (First Edition)” clearly states that the interval time of different kinds of vaccines is different: one dose of adenovirus vector vaccine is required; There is no need to consider the interval of vaccination—— Two doses of inactivated new coronavirus vaccine were needed; The interval between the first dose and the second dose should be more than 3 weeks, and the second dose should be completed as early as 8 weeks after the first dose—— Three doses of recombinant subunit vaccine were needed; It is suggested that the interval between two adjacent doses should be 4 weeks or more. The second dose should be completed within 8 weeks after the first dose, and the third dose should be completed within 6 months after the first dose. Previously, more people were vaccinated with two doses of new coronavirus inactivated vaccine. Since mid May, only one dose of adenovirus vector vaccine has been launched in many vaccination sites in Shanghai. At present, China is working in many ways to improve the vaccination rate. Shao Yiming believes that it is possible for China to realize the population immune barrier within this year“ The time to achieve the population immune barrier depends on two factors, one is whether there is enough vaccine supply, the other is the vaccination rate, which depends on the willingness of the population to vaccinate. By the middle of this year, China’s vaccine production capacity will basically reach the peak, and the supply of vaccines will be greatly increased in the second half of this year. With sufficient vaccines and high vaccination speed, we can completely establish our country’s population immunity barrier in the remaining half of this year. “

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