How does the spray system work in the disinfection channel?

Disinfection passageway refers to the compulsory disinfection passageway set at the entrance of pharmaceutical factory, food factory, breeding farm, hospital and other areas with high requirements for sanitary conditions, and the machinery and equipment used for compulsory disinfection of people or objects passing through.

Disinfection channel can be divided into personnel disinfection channel and vehicle disinfection channel.

The personnel disinfection channel is mainly used for the pedestrian channel in the places with high sanitary requirements, such as breeding farms, epidemic prevention stations, food factories, hospitals and so on.

Vehicle disinfection channel is used for vehicle disinfection at the junction of urban and rural areas; Animal and plant transportation and passenger car disinfection; Disinfection of vehicles in and out of pastures, food factories, feed factories and meat processing factories.

Disinfection channels generally use ultraviolet, spray, ozone three ways to disinfect. Because ultraviolet radiation and ozone are harmful to human health, spray disinfection is generally used now.

Spray is divided into three ways: low pressure spray, high pressure spray, and ultrasonic spray.

The working principle of channel disinfection is to use the high-pressure pump to pressurize the water purified by the water treatment system and then added with the disinfectant to more than 40 kg, and then send it to the high-pressure nozzle for atomization through the high-pressure pipeline. These tiny atomized particles can float in the air for a long time and float in the space. Because of the addition of the disinfectant, these micro fog has disinfection and sterilization properties, It can spread in each gap, so as to achieve complete disinfection without dead angle, and because water mist is to evaporate into water vapor, it needs to absorb heat, so in the summer channel disinfection, it can also have a good effect of disinfection, sterilization and cooling.

At present, the spread of epidemic situation is fast and wide, which has a great impact on Residents’ life and industry production. Channel disinfection plays a major role in COVID-19 protection.

To cope with the pneumonia epidemic caused by New Coronavirus, many areas have installed a channel disinfection system to establish a disinfection channel to prevent and control the epidemic. Most of the disinfection channels are built with metal frames, with entrances and exits and covered with film. The air disinfectant used is non-toxic, non irritating and safe to human body. It only takes a few seconds to disinfect the residents.

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