How far should the atomizing nozzles of building dust removal be away from each other?

The construction site will produce a lot of dust, dust in the workplace has a great potential safety hazard, dust is natural, because too small dust particles are free surface energy increase, so as to improve its chemical activity and oxidation heat generation ability, when the constant heat generated by oxidation reaction can not be distributed in time, the lack of oxidation reaction will accelerate automatically, eventually leading to combustion. Therefore, in order to avoid the hidden danger of explosion and avoid environmental pollution and affect the normal life of nearby residents, there should be some dust control measures: at least 5000 sprays should be equipped with a mobile sprayer at the construction site. The spray system should be installed on the external scaffolding every 10 levels of the main structure of the building, and timely spray and spray dust.

Tower crane spray dust suppression system

Process principle: the spray system includes the vertical pipe attached to the tower body of the tower crane, the horizontal water supply pipe attached to the boom, the water supply system, the control distribution box, the pipe fittings, the nozzle, etc., the tap water supply, the high-pressure water supply through the vertical pipe into the horizontal pipe, and the atomized water is sprayed downward by the nozzle. The dust in the construction site is solid particles floating in the air, High pressure spray dust suppression is an ideal and low cost way to reduce dust. The working medium of the system is water. During the operation of the system, liquid water is atomized from the normal pressure state through the pressurized pipeline to the atomizing nozzle, and the water mist movement is combined with the inertia collision of dust particles, gravity sedimentation, interception and dust capture and diffusion capture to achieve the purpose of dust suppression.

The nozzle of the sprinkler system can also be arranged on the lifting arm of the tower crane. The height is suitable and the inclination of the spray is large. The tower crane is rotated at work, and a nozzles are set at 3 meters each level in the horizontal direction of the boom. A total of 20 nozzles are set up, which can completely cover the range within 120 meters in diameter and achieve the effect of spraying and dustfall. In order to simplify the design, the design of the water storage tank is omitted, and the water supply is directly connected to the tap water. It also has the following advantages:

1. simple operation, wide range of applications, can achieve precise spray.

2. When spraying water on the construction site which is easy to cause dust, the spray particles are fine and form a moist mist when they contact with the floating dust, which can quickly restrain the dust from settling;

3. Flexible matching, not only three-phase 380V power, but also gasoline or diesel generator power supply;

4. It can be fixed on the platform of concrete pouring, and can also be equipped with gasoline and diesel generator sets for power supply and installed on transport vehicles;

5. flexible operation, safe use, you can control the horizontal rotation of the spray angle at will.

6. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the water consumption can be reduced by 70% – 80% (spray gun, sprinkler locomotive).

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