Principle of Landscape Water Mist System

The water mist system can produce hundreds of millions of fine water mist particles in one second. The diameter of the mist particles is 3-5 microns. They float in the air like the morning fog. Water mist is easy to evaporate in high temperature environment. According to the physical principle of water evaporation, the water mist system is easy to evaporate in high temperature environment, At the same time, water evaporation absorbs the heat in the air, changes from liquid state to gas state, increases the humidity in the air, reduces the air temperature and increases the air humidity.

The characteristics of landscape water mist system are as follows

Energy saving:

the water mist system only needs 5W power to atomize 1kg water, and its power consumption is one tenth of that of air-water hybrid or centrifugal cooling humidifier, and one percent of that of traditional electric humidifier.

Fine fog:

the cold fog equipment can produce 5 billion droplets per second, the volume of droplets is fine, and the effect of humidification and cooling is very good.

High efficiency:

the humidification and cooling efficiency of the cold fog equipment is high. The indoor efficiency can reach 100% when the temperature is appropriate. Even in the air conditioning box, the efficiency can reach about 90%. It is difficult for other humidifiers to achieve this effect

Functions of landscape water mist system:

Landscape fog:

the water fog system can attract a large number of tourists in the park, increase the curiosity of tourists, and add a beautiful scenery line to the scenic spot. In hot summer, the cold fog blows on the face, making people feel cool. The fog can produce a lot of negative oxygen ions, which can make the air more fresh and humid, and also make the tourists feel happy, More like a fairyland on earth.

Humidification, dust removal and cooling:

the large amount of fog produced by the water mist system can increase air humidity and relieve the dry climate. The fog and water vapour generated by the artificial fog system evaporates quickly in the 3-5un., so it will not be wet. It will only increase the humidity of the air. The operability of the spray system may be regulated according to your demand for air humidity. The fog produced by the water mist system has charged water molecules, which will absorb large amounts of dust and suspended solids in the air and make the air cleaner. This spray system can be used at one stroke for three purposes, not only for fog making, but also for dust removal and cooling.

Principle of Landscape Water Mist System

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