What is pneumatic quick coupling

Pneumatic quick connector is a kind of quick connector which is mainly used for air piping and pneumatic tools. It can connect or disconnect pipelines without tools.

It is mainly used for pneumatic equipment, fixture and workshop gas pipeline. Of course, there are also a small number of plastic factories or mold factories that are used to transport water on the molds. The cost is low, but they can’t withstand the water temperature above 60 degrees. The service life is not long, and they are easy to break down, because the pneumatic joint is originally used for luck, not water transport.

The main body material of the pneumatic quick coupling of Ningbo Essence Machinery Co., Ltd. is H59 high-quality copper, and the surface is nickel plated by international advanced technology, which effectively insulates the oxide on the surface, and its service life is far longer than that of ordinary domestic brands, The main processing uses imported CNC machining center to ensure the stability of product precision and quality, standard size, flexible buckle, firm connection and convenient disconnection. Beautiful appearance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, durable. The products are strictly controlled before leaving the factory to ensure that every joint is the choice of quality.

2. Purpose of selecting quick coupling:

A. Time saving and labor saving: when disassembling and connecting the water, oil and gas circuits through the quick connector, the action is simple, saving time and manpower.

B. Save oil, water and gas: when the pipeline is folded, the single valve on the quick coupling can close the pipeline, so the fluid will not flow out and avoid the loss of fluid.

C. Environmental protection: when the quick connector is folded and connected, the fluid will not be missed and the environment will be clean.

D. Equipment into parts, convenient transportation: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be easy to carry, use the quick connector to separate and transport, and then assemble and use after reaching the destination.

E. Economy: the above advantages create economic value for customers.

Uses and features

The quick connector is suitable for the connection of pneumatic pipeline, compressed air and nitrogen, and the working position where the pipeline can be loaded and unloaded frequently, such as the operation of pneumatic tools in the assembly line. It can also be used in hydraulic machinery, chemistry, ship piping, etc.

Scope of application

Air pipeline, air compressor, grinding machine, air drill, impact wrench, pneumatic screwdriver and other pneumatic tools are connected with quick connector.

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