What is the working principle of outdoor cooling spray equipment?

Outdoor cooling spray equipment works by fog cooling the surrounding area. In this way, energy saving and environmental protection cooling technology will be adopted. The spray equipment will help to adjust the outdoor hot temperature. Ordinary outdoor spray cooling equipment is mainly composed of spray column and sprayer. It uses a combination of multiple nozzles to produce a large amount of water mist. Through contact with the air in the area, the insulation layer is formed by evaporation and heat absorption.

During the period in World Expo, Shanghai, high pressure outdoor cooling spray equipment and low pressure outdoor cooling spray equipment were used for cooling. Sprinklers were installed under the small holes of each marble center on the floor of the hall.

And these refrigeration equipment are mainly installed in the Expo Axis, Expo Park, Celebration Square and other places Low pressure outdoor cooling spray equipment is almost all over the park, and there is a certain distance between each spray equipment. Affirmative, when one meter is opened, the sprinkler will spray over one meter of water mist and instantly turn the affirmative square into a water mist square.

In addition, during the Beijing Olympic Games, Chaoyang Park is a typical example of using a complete set of outdoor cooling spray equipment. Outdoor cooling spray equipment is used to solve the problem that the outdoor venues of the Olympic Games are affected by the hot sun all day.

The urban heat island effect is mainly due to the reduction of evaporation and the reduction of urban underlying surface reflection. When the air circulation slows down in summer, the heat input will increase sharply. Due to the low adaptability of urban evaporation system, the urban temperature will rise sharply. At the same time, the accelerated operation of air conditioning and thermal power plants will cause a vicious circle and aggravate the urban air temperature rise. The research shows that solving the urban air pollution The best way is to increase evaporation. Due to the limitation of city installation, spray system is an efficient and economical way.

In the process of vaporization, the water particles emitted by the artificial fog cooling system need to absorb a lot of heat from the surrounding environment. The principle of evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment is an effective means of outdoor heatstroke prevention

With the rapid growth of economic growth in recent years, the development of agricultural spraying equipment, science and technology, and cooling spray equipment has become more and more fast. Especially today, the temperature is rising all day long and more and more people take part in outdoor activities.

Therefore, the application of outdoor cooling spray equipment will also be more and more extensive.

What is the working principle of outdoor cooling spray equipment

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