Why should Landscape artificial fog?

Landscape artificial fog system reflects the integration of human culture and nature, and meets people’s desire to return to nature and pursue beauty. Under the control of the environment, the artificial fog system of Exxon company filters clean fresh water and oxidizes the water mist floating in the air through high / low pressure pump, so it can evaporate quickly. The water mist can evaporate rapidly at high temperature and high time, and the environment can drop about 3-7 ℃ in a few minutes. At the same time, a thin cloud layer is formed to prevent dust and other debris in the air from entering the fog In theory, the flow of air and fresh oxygen can inhibit the invasion of bacteria and achieve the ideal level of comfortable environment control.

Therefore, atomization can also be used as a multifunctional product for moisturizing, cooling and cooling in summer. Because of the special function of atomizing spray, it can increase the appearance and color of buildings and landscapes, and has become the favorite of architectural auditing and landscape design.

Man made fog can absorb a lot of heat in the air. According to scientific statistics, every kilogram of man-made fog will be activated into a floating state, and its effect is equivalent to dissolving seven kilograms of ice. Water changes from liquid state to gaseous state, which increases the air humidity and reduces the air temperature. Since the advent of artificial fog technology, the whole process has been widely used in all walks of life because of its economic, efficient, convenient and energy-saving carbon reduction characteristics. In the fields of industry, agriculture, commerce, garden planting, animal husbandry, environmental protection and ecological landscape, artificial fog technology is gradually playing an increasingly important role.

For the development and design of tourist attractions, the landscape spray project has obvious market advantages. The artificial fog equipment in the scenic area is used around fountains, lakes, trees and flowers, with unique visual effects. The project has a wide range of applications, can be used in schools, high-end residential areas, villas, squares, parks, green space and so on.

For tourist attractions, it can attract tourists’ attention and bring great attraction to tourists. So as to create high income for tourist attractions. Mist clouds produced by landscape spray are thin as gauze. Among them, looming, such as fairyland like fantasy, wonderful. Outside, you can see the beauty of the fog. Using this technology can enhance the visual effect of the landscape, release a lot of negative ions, which is beneficial to the body and the body, and can also cool the surrounding environment in summer.

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